Monday, 16 May 2011

Tiiimmber!!! The Glocal Furniture Company

Here are the first ideas about the concept of Tiiimmber!!!, the new furniture company I am lauching beside my more artistic activities. Feedbacks are welcome!

Highly finished furniture with contemporary design, manufactured locally and made to last.
The starting point of our company is a reflection on sustainability, and how we respond to this question, with respect to the (small!) field of furniture production:
How to reconcile economic sustainability and environmental protection and preservation of natural resources? How to produce more environmentally friendly furniture that retain their sensuality and their quality?
Which material? Which type of products? Which method of manufacture?
What’s more lasting than something that you don’t change? To do this, you need a durable material, manufacturing quality, and a timeless design.
The choice of wood as main material for our furniture was quickly established. Wood is a renewable, inexhaustible material if exploited properly. Encourage more timber production contributes to the uptake of CO2, and thus the fight against climate change.
The wood is durable, well made wooden furniture last for centuries. Moreover, it is easily repairable should an accident occur to your furniture.
We decided to focus on quality for durability, using  carpenters' workshops. We choose them for their skills of course, but also for their situation close to the buyers, to reduce pollution related to transport and to support local economic activity, guaranteeing sustainability of society.
Far from any idea of going backward in time, we want to make Tiiimmber! a “glocal” company, to use this new trendy neologism, both global and local. Our vision is to promote the circulation of ideas, a source of innovation, involving designers with different backgrounds, while reducing the flow of goods where it is unnecessary and polluting.
Far from any romantic flashback, entrust the manufacturing workshops rather than factories represents to us the most durable and most respectful of human beings way of manufacturing. In addition to a guarantee of quality and the support of the local economic activity, the work required is much more respectful of the human being that mass production in huge factories. These workshops are themselves looking to the future, using both traditional techniques and the latest technology, adding the personality of the handwork to the productivity and the precision of machinery.
We see our future both more and more global, working with new designers, and increasingly local in developing our network of manufacturers. Thinking on sustainability and future of our societies never stops, and it will inspire our evolution.

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