Monday, 2 May 2011

Solveig's song

No philosophic speech about the future of handmade furniture today (!), I want to post the first pictures of the new desk I have just finished. This one was made to order, the brief was quite simple, it was about the size of the table, and it should include 2 shelves.
It is made of maple and wenge, I like the contrast between the light and the dark wood. I realize, writing this post, that if I know of course what was the starting point (the brief in this case), I remember nothing about the design process, and how I was led to this final design. And this is the same with all my creations, strangely enough.

But the main thing is that I like it, and I already think about an evolution as a dresser, with the same shape but a sleeker design. So guys, wanna find the perfect gift for your significant other? Just contact me...

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