Friday, 25 March 2011

John Cederquist

I want to share these 2 videos from John Cederquist. He is a californian furniture artist whose work is highly recognizable. By combining 2D images with 3D objects, he creates visual illusions, where the reality is not what you see. It often looks like there is some object on the furniture, though it is all flat wood and you can actually use the furniture.
The first video shows him explaining his work during an exhibition, and the second one shows the Kosode serie, which are some of his last works. I found it particularly interesting to see how he uses the different wood species to get the colours and aspects he wants. I like his way to "go crazy" with the wood, too often designers don't really care about the wood, and woodworkers don't dare to go off the track. John Cederquist is very personal and innovative in his designs, but shows a great respect for the material at the same time.
The best would be to see the artworks in real but it is not easy on this side of the atlantic, so have a look at the pictures on his website:

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